Saturday – 160611

Will Grumke It’s hard to be in a bad mood around Will. He always walks into the gym with a huge smile, and there’s no limit to the kind words he has for you. Outside of the gym, he’s a…

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Wednesday – 160511

Rob and Will (And Ben, but he is out of sync.) Warmup Spealler Warmup Run 200m Gymnastics Work Endurance 800m Run for Time Then, 2 x 400m @ 800m Pace WOD EMOM – 12 Even: 15 Toes to Bar Odd:…

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Tuesday – 160308

Will Grumke So. This is an excellent picture. Will, your gigantic pecs aside, you are one of the most supreme athletes and humans that I know. You are driven, humble, and willing to put in the work, whatever it takes….

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