Tuesday – 151110

Nikki Cox – Double Under Speaking of awesome moms that are in the gym 5 days a week for years… Nikki, I just came across THIS POST that I wrote some 18 months ago. We are still ridiculously fortunate to…

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Wednesday – 151104

Cori Clarissa Clark Rob and I disagree as to how to adjust the damper on the rower. Rob argues that when rowing for calories, you should row at a higher damper setting so as to achieve about one calorie per…

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Tuesday – 131029

J-Dukes, total weight lost: 110-ish pounds as well as all shirt sleeves. CrossFit 314 Podcast #6: Recap of the Weightlifting Competition. Warmup CrossFit Warmup Or 3 Rounds 200m run 10 air squats 10 pushups CFE 4 x 200m Run 1…

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