Monday – 161010

The Heart of America Team Competition draws some of the best athletes in all of CrossFit. Regional and Games athletes abound in this 3 day competition. The competition is so fierce that the scaled division looks like most Rx competitions….

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Monday – 160829

What an incredible weekend! Sounds like our crew did awesome at G3! Here’s what I’ve gathered from our crew: Josh filled in for another team and did great! Definitely helped them out and represented 314 like a champ. Lindsey compete…

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Tuesday – 160419

Preston Stigall Anybody happen to catch this handsome-devil Power Clean and Push Jerk 285 American El-Bees to a very near miss last week? That said… Warmup Spealler Warmup Run 200m Gymnastics Work Strength Snatch 3-Stop Snatch Deadlift + Hang Snatch…

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