Monday – 160627

Greg and Nicki Schmidt enjoying breakfast from Chris Cakes St. Louis We have some pretty awesome members, and I’m always excited to find out what you do outside the gym.┬áThis weekend Paul’s catering company met up with Greg’s wife’s children’s…

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Thursday – 150212

Paul Werkowitch – 314 Invitational, 2015 Edition Caption contest. Rob Carr will be the sole judge in the matter. Winner may choose any coach to perform 50 Burpees for time on the spot, no questions asked. Warmup Spealler CFWU Gymnastics…

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Thursday – 140109

Paul Werkwowitch, American Swing, Cheesy Smile. Paul’s the kind of guy ladies love to hate. Just a few of the things I’ve heard Paul say: “It’s just so hard to gain weight. I can’t seem to eat enough.” “Part of…

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