Wednesday – 160921

Quick scheduling note that there will be no 10 am class tomorrow. See you at the noon! Warmup Spealler Warmup CrossFit Warmup WOD 500m Row 50 Situps 50 Lunges 50 Situps 50 Air Squats 50 Situps 500m Row *Stagger Start…

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Wednesday – 140618

The difference between a CrossFit gym and a “Globo” gym isn’t that we do Butterfly Pullups and drop weights. The difference is that we are a community of friends – framily? – after a singular goal: Fitness. It takes a…

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Wednesday – 130703

Jason Sciaroni – A Comeback Story Jason and his wife, Bekah, have full-time jobs and six kids (she works from home). They each make the time to come into the gym 3-5x/week to keep themselves in good health, while still…

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