Thursday – 160407

This is Maddie. Maddie is working on her L-Pullup during the CrossFit Warmup. Maddie is awesome. (Like her mommy.) Be like Maddie. Warmup Spealler Warmup Run 200m Gymnastics Work Strength Good Mornings 5×10 @ 30% of 1 RM Partner WOD…

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Friday – 160212

Carlos Garriga To the 100 or so ladies and gents that don’t happen to take the 6am class*, this is Carlos, and he’s a dag’gum STAPLE of the morning crew. He arrives early, stays late, and is almost more encouraging…

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Tuesday – 151222

Frank Merz, 2015 Prom King at CrossFit 314 Warmup Spealler Warmup CrossFit Warmup Strength/Skill Bottoms Up Kettlebell Press 5×3/arm WOD 5 Rounds 5 Right Arm Kettlebell Thrusters 53/35 5 Left Arm Kettlebell Thruster 53/35 10 Kettlebell Swing 53/35 400m Run

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