Friday – 160429

Will Grumke Will’s been part of the 6am Hustle for six months now. Quite frankly, he’s the best athlete that I personally know. He is absolutely the embodiment of the ethos he lives by: You can’t cheat the grind. Will,…

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Friday – 160422

Dzenana Delic Didi, I’ve told you before, but when you started at the gym, you were not a super-high performer right out the gates. Your squat was as immature as they come, and your upper-body strength for the pullup and…

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Friday – 160408

Josh Kretzer Unless I’m mistaken – which, is practically an impossibility – Josh made his first Bar Muscle Ups in the CrossFit Open just a few weeks ago. And that’s what I love about the Open. But that’s not why…

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