Wednesday – 160921

Quick scheduling note that there will be no 10 am class tomorrow. See you at the noon! Warmup Spealler Warmup CrossFit Warmup WOD 500m Row 50 Situps 50 Lunges 50 Situps 50 Air Squats 50 Situps 500m Row *Stagger Start…

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Wednesday – 160727

Glad to see that so many of our athletes have been working on their double unders! It’s a tough skill that require a ton of coordination, agility, and speed. Time to up the ante… Warmup Spealler Warmup CrossFit Warmup Endurance…

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Monday – 140310

Winners of the Health Challenge: Tiff and Amanda! We really couldn’t make up our minds, so we’re splitting it between them. Tiff lost 16lbs over the course of the 8-Week Health Challenge, 8lbs in each 4-weeks. Amanda lost 10lbs over…

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