CrossFit 314 uses Mindbody for online scheduling. Please direct any questions to

Mindbody Link.

Personal Training & Consultations

Monday – Thursday: 7am – 5pm

Friday: 9am – 5pm

Don’t see a time that fits your schedule? Let us know. We’re happy to adapt to the needs of our members.

5 Comments on “Schedule

  1. I was wondering how the living social voucher works for the introductory crossfit classes. I recently bought one and was wondering if I already know how to do cross fit if I have to actually attend the beginner classes or not. Thanks!

  2. I cannot find a phone number for you, can you give it to me? I am a beginner and wondering when the best time to come in is. Do you have any Groupon, Living Social or other specials for newbies? Do you have showers at your facility? Sorry for all the ?’s!

    • Hi Debbie,

      You can give Tim a call at 314.623.4740. We do have showers, and the first session is always free. If you can make it to a 12pm class or a 7pm class, we usually have an extra coach on hand to accommodate a beginner. The 5pm and 6pm classes are usually VERY busy.

      Thanks for you interest!!


      • I am also interested in trying Cross fit. I read above that good times to come for the first class is the 7pm class but do I need to give you guys a heads up on which day? Would there ever be an extra trainer during the 6am class ever?

      • Hi Megan,

        The 6am would be a fine class for your first session as well. Just let us know what day you’d like to drop in.


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