We talk about all things fitness, CrossFit, and nutrition related. Feel free to email us questions or topics at info@CrossFit314.com.

314 Podcast on Spreaker

Episode #24 Guest Starring Laura O

Madeline O'Leary

Episode #23 Paying The Open Bet

The Barbell

The guys talk about the new hero WOD, Jesse and Tim paying their debt from not winning the Open, and the guys talk about goals. 
Also, Neil has an OCD moment. And, can you dunk?


Episode #22 The GO! Marathon and Summer Plans

Olympic Bars

Jesse gives us a recap of the GO! St. Louis Marathon weekend, and the guys talk about a summer weightlifting meet.

Episode #21 The Open Wrapup

CrossFit Open

Tim finds his way back into the podcast, and the guys talk about the last week of the Open.

Episode #20 Featuring Amy W


Amy Werkowitch joins Jesse and Neil to talk about CrossFit, the Open, family, and life.

Episode #19 The Open

CrossFit Open

Jesse and Neil talk about the CrossFit Open.

Episode #18 100 Miles

Karen - 100mi

Who in their right mind would run 100 miles?!?! Karen Austin, that’s who. Jesse and Neil talk to her about her experience.

Episode #17 Weightlifting Meet


The guys give some details about the upcoming weightlifting meet.

Episode #16 Nostalgia


Tim Schultz finally makes it back in for the podcast.

Episode #15 Health Challenge Update

Tiff Harris - Batman

Jesse and Neil talk about some great results from the Health Challenge.

Episode #14 WL Meet and The Open


Jesse and Neil talk about upcoming events and girls with muscle ups.

Episode #13 314 Invitational

314 Invitational

Jesse, Neil, and Tim talk about the 314 Invitational – a small, local CrossFit competition.

Episode #12 Podcast with Bekah

Bekah Sciaroni - Back Squat

Bekah Sciaroni joins Jesse and Neil to talk about her first weightlifting meet.

Episode #11 Tag Team Throwdown Recap

Tag Team Throwdown

Jesse, Neil, and Tim talk about the Tag Team Throwdown where Ben and Jesse competed as an Rx team and Chris and Rocky competed as a Scaled team.

Episode #10 Tag Team Throwdown Preview

Tag Team Throwdown

Jesse and Neil talk about the upcoming CrossFit competition.

Episode #9 Ben “The PR Killer” Marsh


Ben Marsh joins Jesse and Neil to discuss how he is crushing everyone’s PRs.

Episode #8 New Stuff


Big things happening at CrossFit 314!

Episode #7 Weightlifting Meet


Neil, Tim, and Rob talk about their experience at their first weightlifting meet.

Episode #6 Competitions

Tiff Harris - Sled Push

The guys talk about the upcoming weightlifting meet and CrossFit competitions.

Episode #5 Jesse’s Marathon and Neil’s Trip


Jesse discusses his recent marathon and Neil talks about a trip to Cincinnati and Indianapolis.

Episode #4 Marathon and Injury Prevention


With the MO’ Cowbell Marathon coming up, the guys talk about Jesse’s plan and injury prevention.

Episode #3 with Rob Carr

Rob Carr - L3 Snatch

Rob Carr, BASC CrossFit, joins Neil and Tim to talk about an upcoming weightlifting meet.

Episode #2 with Jenny and John Antonacci


Jenny Antonacci joins the guys to talk about her experience with CrossFit 314 and her first season at SEMO.

Episode #1 – The CrossFit 314 Podcast

CrossFit 314 - Opens Doors

The guys sit down and talk about…

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