Week of 9/10

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Week of 9/3

Happy Labor Day!! Tomorrow, we will have Open Gym from 9-11. There will be a workout programmed, and I’m sure plenty of you will be there to “celebrate” the holiday. If anyone is interested in an afternoon time, comment on this post or in FB.

Also, you may have heard that a handful of us participated in a LONG row on Saturday. It was tough, but I’m really starting to enjoy rowing. So much so, that I’ve decided to start a Rowing Club!

Here’s the deal:

  • Go to log.concept2.com and create an account.
  • Under the Teams Menu, join our team – Hustle City Row Club.
  • Concept 2 runs various challenges throughout the year. The next one runs from September 15 – October 15, and the goal is for each team to row as many meters as possible.
  • Once you’ve signed up, shoot me an email, text, or message and we will talk about individual goals. There will be varying distances from “I hate rowing, why are you making me do this” to “I rowed a marathon, and I liked it.”
  • All 314 members are eligible.

Get ready for a great month!

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Week of 8/27

Nothing to see here, folks. Just three women taking a casual Saturday morning stroll.

How can you not love Carrie and Marina? I think they have like 15 kids between the two of them, and they are still super badass. They will be competing with Josh and Brady at the Heart of America CrossFit Competition in Springfield the weekend of 9/27, along with the team of Nikki, Kristin, Ryan, and Aaron. It will definitely be a fun weekend!! Shoot down there, if you have time!

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Week of 8/20

Check out Kim during Saturday’s WOD! She is such an inspiration. Five days of CrossFit last week, and her smile never falters. Keep up the great work, Kim!

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Week of 8/13

So, I guess you all don’t like thrusters! How about favorite movements? Feel free to fill in with your own.

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Week of 8/6

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Week of 7/30

The CrossFit Games start this week! Events will start on Wednesday and run through the weekend. How do you see the events? This article is a guide to watch as much as you can. Think you know who is going to win? Try your hand at picking the winning lineups here. It should be a great week!

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Week of 7/23

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Week of 7/16

This Saturday, the workout is Saman. From WOD Nation:

If you have been following the story about the Thai boys that were stuck in the cave for 17 days, its been a huge success because they all got out ALIVE 

But sadly one man, a Thai Navy Seal – Saman Kunan died during this mission to rescue the boys. We found this dedicated #herowod at Crossfit Chiang Mai.

The workout explained is 8 rounds because the kids were 3.2 km inside the cave 400m x 8 = 3.2

13 for the boys and their coach

17 for the how long they were trapped inside the cave

Join us on Saturday to honor this hero.

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Week of 7/9

Next Saturday, we will have 4 athletes competing at the Midwest/Central Super Regional Championship!! Sounds awesome, right? It will be. This is a USA Powerlifting Meet at The Lab Gym, right here in St. Louis. Laura, Dani, and Carrie will be lifting Saturday morning, and I believe Rob lifts in the afternoon. If you are free, be sure to stop by and cheer them on!

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