Week of 12/24

Christmas is almost here! I hope you have all of your shopping done so you can just relax and enjoy the holiday. We will have open gym from 8-10 on Christmas Eve, and we will be closed on Christmas Day (though I believe some folks may be coming in… contact me for the low down).

This is kind of a weird car commercial, but I enjoyed watching Santa workout.

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Week of 12/17

Today is the FINAL DAY to sign up for our In-House Competition on 1/19! Click here to sign up. This will be a competition that we can scale to any ability level. It will be fun whether you’ve done CrossFit for 10 years or 10 days. 

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Week of 12/10

We’ve already had a bunch of sign ups for our in-house competition! The absolute last day to sign up will be 12/16 at 5:03 PM. Make sure to sign up by clicking here.

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Week of 12/3

We have a date for the In-House Competition! It will be on January 19th starting around 9am and finishing in the afternoon. This will be a fun competition for athletes of all skill and experience levels. Carrie will be acting as Director of Programming (with supervision from me to make sure she doesn’t program 10 miles of running and 1,000 burpees). We’ve also been working on a unique format, which will not require you to make teams. Just sign up via the link below, and get ready to have some fun!

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But that’s not all!! Most of you remember the awesome Christmas parties we’ve had in the past. While we’ve gotten away from that, we figured it would be fun to get together for a KARAOKE PARTY!! After the competition, you’ll have some time to go home, clean up, and maybe catch a quick nap, but come back up for the party. Feel free to bring some drinks and/or snacks. Frank has already promised a rendition of Barbie Girl by Aqua. Hope to see you all there!

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Week of 11/26

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Week of 11/19

It’s Thanksgiving week!! That means two things:

  1. It’s time for my absolute favorite movie of all time. The critically acclaimed (not so much) Thankskilling. Not at all work or family appropriate, but highly underrated (probably not). 
  2. Holiday hours. Yep. We’ll have open gym on Thursday and Friday. We are thinking 8:30-10:30. Let us know if those hours don’t work for you. 

And to burn off those extra calories…

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Week of 11/12

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Week of 11/5

Welcome to November!! Carrie has brought up the very good point that we should probably start thinking about our annual competition. This year, I was thinking of doing an in-house competition. Nothing crazy, just a fun day to hang out and workout with some of your favorite people. Don’t worry, I won’t let Carrie program it. So, the question is, when should we have this thing???

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Week of 10/29

Looks like Jeanne, Pat, and Amy had a great time at Endless CrossFit’s competition this weekend. Even brought home some medals!! Great job!!

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Week of 10/22

In case you missed it, Alicia got her first ring muscle up this week!!! She’s always challenging herself and basically everyone around her. Great work, Alicia! 

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