Week of 4/9

Another LONG back squat cycle has come to an end, which means… TIME TO MAX OUT!!!!

Here are a few tips to MAXIMIZE your max:

  • SAFETY FIRST –  Have a plan in case you cannot stand the squat up. Get some spotters and agree on a cue for them to help. That will make you feel more secure to go for a heavy squat.
  • GET LOTS OF SLEEP – Nothing worse than trying to max out tired. Get some quality zzz’s tonight.
  • EAT WELL TODAY –  Hangover due to poor eating and/or drinking will not help you squat all the weight. Get some high quality protein, carbs, and fat, and drink lots of water.
  • VISUALIZE – Sounds cheesy, but it will help. See yourself making the lift. See it 100 times. By the time you get to the bar, you will feel more confident.
  • GET WARM – You know how sometimes you don’t feel warmed up until halfway through the workout? Don’t let that happen. Get that body temperature up. Even if you need a cable knit sweater to do so.

Good luck, gang!!!

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Week of 4/2

Hope that you are all having a great Easter, enjoying the time with your families!

Image result for crossfit easter

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Week of 3/26

Well, the Open is just about over. Like all years, it exposed weaknesses and highlighted strengths. Yesterday, Alicia was telling me that next year she would have MUs and double unders. And I believe her! Use the Open to sharpen your tools and prepare for next year. Stay tuned for some high skill specific programming – coming soon!

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Week of 3/19

One more week of the Open! The open always brings craziness, but it also motivates me to work on my weaknesses!! (Except wall balls. Kidding. I mean, mostly.) Take the positive things from the open, but don’t get caught up in weird standards or movements. Have fun, and use it to move forward.

Also, I love the open for things like this:

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Week of 3/12

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Week of 3/5

Well, the Open competition is heating up! That 18.2 was a real [expletive deleted]!! The real question is: Which Rx woman is going to walk away with the win at the end of the open? Carrie edged everyone out in 18.1, Marina took 18.2, and Nikki won 18.2a. At least that’s where it currently stands. Will there be retests? Will Alicia step up and take the podium? Who knows? And what happened to the men? While every women submitted a score for 18.1, only 4 of 10 men did so (actually, it’s 4/11 since I completely forgot to sign up *sad face*)! Come on guys, let’s step it up!

Good luck, athletes! Keep pushing hard, and remember to do your mobility so you stay healthy!

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Week of 2/26

Well, the Open is underway! I hope you’re all happy with your performances. Just a reminder that if you plan on having a judge for the open workout, you should plan on judging someone else. Show up with plenty of time. Also, thanks to everyone who did the workout on Saturday for giving regular classes plenty of room. You all rock! Good luck next week!

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Week of 2/19

Holy Moly! The Open starts THIS WEEK!!! I don’t know about you, but it totally snuck up on me. So, sign up now! Like last year, we will do the workouts on Friday nights. You are welcome to do the workouts at other times, but you are responsible for bringing your own judge. Good luck!

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Week of 2/12

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Week of 2/5

The Open is coming…

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