Saturday – 120908

CrossFit Warm-Up

3 x 8


“The Chief”

5 Rounds

3-Minute AMRAP

3 x Power Clean (135/95)

6 x Pushup

9 x Air Squat

1-Minute Rest

Cool Down

400m Run


Friday – 120907

CrossFit Warm-Up

3 x 8


Rope Climbs


Max Reps – 2min/station

2 Rounds

Rope Climbs (Pulls for intermediate/beginner)

Calorie Row

GHD Situps (Regular for intermediate/beginner)


2-Min Rest

Thursday – 120906

CrossFit Warm-Up

3 x 8


Strict Press

Find 1-rep-max

Intermediate and beginner: form over weight


5 Rounds

10 x Push Jerk @ 75% of 1RM

10 x Lateral Burpee

100m Run

Wednesday – 120905

CrossFit Warm-Up

3 x 8


Turkish Get-Up


Stagger Start

Reps Shared

200m sled push (90/50)

50 situps

50 power cleans (115/85)

50 pullups

200m sled push

Tuesday – 120904

CrossFit Warm-Up
3 x 8


Double/Triple-Under Practice
Alternate with Handstand Practice




15-min AMRAP
7 Push Press (105/70)
7 Toes to Bar
7 Burpees

Monday’s WOD – 120903

Amie demonstrating some solid thruster form during Fran.


CrossFit Warmup

3 Rounds

8 Pullups

8 Dips

8 Situps

8 Hip Extensions


Samson Stretch


Back Squat

Find 1RM

Beginner and Intermediate focus on form over weight



Kettlebell Swings 70/53

Box Jump 30/24


Grand Opening!!!

On September 1st, CrossFit 314 will officially open! We plan to celebrate with a Grand Opening. Here are the details:

  • Saturday September 1st
  • 10am – 2pm
  • WODs from 11-1 (bring your workout clothes!!)
  • Snacks will be provided

Come see the new space, get a workout in, and just hang out at the newest CF box in St. Louis!

While you’re waiting, tackle this WOD:

Home WOD

Burpees for Time


100 burpees for time


75 burpees for time


25 burpees for time

Neil’s Favorite Shirt

I own lots of shirts. Mostly related to CrossFit in some way or another, but of all those shirts, I have one clear favorite.

“You don’t have to be great to start… But you have to start to be great.” – Zig Ziglar. As a trainer, I hear a lot of excuses why people don’t do CrossFit. The most common one is that they think it is too hard. “I just need to get in a little better shape before I start.”


CrossFit will get you in the best shape of your life. There is no minimum level of fitness required. You’re worried because you can’t do a single pushup? I promise you won’t be the only one. You can’t walk up the stairs without getting winded? Let me help you become the stair master!

I have worked with some amazing athletes. I’m impressed by a 400 lb deadlift, a sub-5:00 mile, and 60 unbroken pull-ups. BUT – I get much more excited watching someone get their first pull-up, jump on a box for the first time, or look amazing in their wedding dress.

CrossFit 314 opens our doors in less than a month!!! Come get started and change your life.

Home WOD

Get your legs warmed up and ready to move. Then,


Run the length of your block as fast as you can.

Rest 2 minutes and repeat for 6 total.


Run 1 mile

Aim for a steady pace throughout.


Go for a 30 minute walk.

You’ll be amazed how good it feels just to be moving!!

Tim’s Take

As we get closer to opening, I realized that my time at my current gym (CrossFit South City) is coming to an end. I realize most of you are glad about this, but whatever, I’m not talking to you. To the 1.75 people at my gym that will actually miss me, I would like to thank you for showing me what CrossFit is. CrossFit is not a place; it can be done in a basement or in a park. It’s all about getting together where you can, when you can, with whomever you can, and working hard. I actually think it’s funny that it took the act of me joining a gym to realize I didn’t need to join a gym to get in shape.

Now, I’m sure you’re now thinking “this idiot is opening a gym and he just said you don’t need to join to get in shape!” So, why do you need a gym? For the community. The people you surround yourself with will push you to do better in workouts and in life. The community adds an aspect of accountability to fitness that makes it more effective. More than that, the community makes it fun! That’s what will keep you coming back.

As we get closer to opening our doors, I am not excited about working out at a new “place” or working out with new stuff. (Okay, I’m a little excited about the new stuff.) I am excited about starting a new community and showing them what my community showed me… How to be better at life.

Oh yeah, I’m also excited because everyone will have to pretend to like me, or I will make them do burpees!! Peace

Now stop crying and do burpees
Home WOD
Burpees and situps

WOD – 20120803

CF 314 – 20120803


Complete Seven Rounds:
Max Repetition Pushups
50-meter Sprint*

*Rest as needed between rounds.

The following is a lengthy explanation of how perfect your pushups need be. Read it if you’ve got time. If you haven’t, just post your number of pushups to comments. I don’t care how fast you run the 50-meter sprint, but you had better be able to look any man square in the eye and tell him to go to hell if he questions your effort level on the sprints.

Pushups are for quality and to be executed with perfect form. Hips move at the same rate as your chest, holding a perfect hollow body position. See here: (; and here @ 0:45s for lack of hollow body position: Chest goes to deck (I like to touch my chin as well to ensure full range of motion) and full extension of the elbow joint at the top. Full extension at the top of the pushup  means you should be able to externally rotate your arms while in the high plank position.  If you can’t, you’re likely doing halvsies. No one likes that. (Halvsies:

Now, the spirit of this workout is to complete EACH set up pushups to total failure EVERY round. This will likely result in fewer cumulative pushups than if you were to set a reasonably high number of pushups to aim for each round – deal with it. I’m reminded of the man to which Teddy Roosevelt refers in his “Citizenship in a Republic” speech in 1910: “the man / who is actually in the arena / whose face is marred by dust / and sweat and blood.” Shoot for THAT level of effort on each round.

Why this WOD?

Here’s what I love about this WOD: you can do it anywhere, anytime. And it is positively crushing to boot. As many know, I’ve recently taken on a new role in my life: father. And holy smokes, you CrossFitters out there doing it every day with a little one or two or three to take care of first and foremost above your own fitness, KUDOS. I have a new appreciation for you. I’ve gone from regularly getting in 7-10 workouts per week to struggling to fit in 3 or 4. I’ve really come to appreciate workouts like this that you can do 10 steps from your front door and be finished within 30-minutes.

CrossFit 314 will be moving into our new space VERY soonly – within a week or two!! –  but until we do, we’re going to be posting some workouts that can be done from the comfort of your own home. (Well, I take that back. If you’re comfortable during your WOD, you’re doing it wrong.) Some of my favorite workouts I’ve discovered as of late can be completed within the confines of a 4’x6′ area rug – ideal for when you lay the little tyke down for a nap and need to sneak in a WOD while staying close to the crib.

Surely, there are too many words in this post for my partner Tim Schultz to make it all the way to the bottom, so if someone reading this would be so kind as to judge him while he performs this WOD and no-rep his sorry @$$ for the slightest infraction of the perfect pushup guidelines listed above, I would most appreciate it.

Good luck. And don’t plan on shampooing your hair after this one.