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Neil’s Favorite Shirt

I own lots of shirts. Mostly related to CrossFit in some way or another, but of all those shirts, I have one clear favorite. “You don’t have to be great to start… But you have to start to be great.”…

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Tim’s Take

As we get closer to opening, I realized that my time at my current gym (CrossFit South City) is coming to an end. I realize most of you are glad about this, but whatever, I’m not talking to you. To…

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WOD – 20120803

CF 314 – 20120803 “Haiku” Complete Seven Rounds: Max Repetition Pushups 50-meter Sprint* *Rest as needed between rounds. The following is a lengthy explanation of how perfect your pushups need be. Read it if you’ve got time. If you haven’t, just…

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