Mike Deelo

Despite playing sports for most of my life, I wasn’t always into health and fitness. My primary sport during high school was baseball, but I also dabbled in some recreational basketball and a few other sports for entertainment. Then came the college years, where like a lot of other students my primary form of exercise was the twelve ounce curl.

As a result of a lot of poor choices during college and the months after, I found myself weighing about 300 pounds in December of 2009 whenever I started my first job after graduating. Shortly thereafter I made the choice to turn things around, and I started out with nutrition. By focusing on eating unprocessed foods I was able to drop a significant amount of weight over the next year or two. Ultimately, the world of paleo nutrition led me to CrossFit in November of 2012. I loved it from the get go and completed the Level 1 certificate program in June of 2013.

CrossFit has immeasurably changed my life for the better in so many ways. As a coach, my main goal is to provide others with all the tools they need to successfully do the same. I look forward to helping the athletes at 314 achieve their goals, whatever those may be!

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