Meghan Goudy

I have been doing personal training and teaching group exercise since 2007 and had seen many fitness trends get really popular and then die out just as quickly and I assumed CrossFit would have the same fate.  A close friend convinced my husband, Jon, and me to try a free class in March of 2014. Jon was hooked from day one, but it took me a little longer, probably because I was so inconsistent for the first six months. Once I started doing CrossFit 3-4 times a week, my strength and skills improved and I started enjoying the workouts, the variety of new skills to learn, and chances to ‘PR’ on a regular basis. I finally found something I wasn’t bored with after a few months.  I also fell in love with CrossFit’s emphasis on what people can do instead of what they look like.

My favorite thing about CrossFit 314 is that the coaches are supportive of pursuing individual interests, whether that might be powerlifting, Olympic lifting, gymnastics skills, or a number of other things. The CrossFit 314 community is welcoming and non-intimidating for beginners and pushes more advanced athletes to be stronger, faster, and fitter.

I started teaching Yoga/Mobility at CrossFit 314 in January 2015 and completed the Level 1 Seminar in June of 2015. In the past, I specialized in training clients with complex medical needs and working with clients as they transition out of physical therapy/rehab. My focus is on injury prevention and pain reduction through proper movement patterns and mobility.

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