Week of 5/14

Ok, I’ll admit it. I’m bad at doing mobility. I mean, I have good intentions, but I always seem to get too busy. Or I forget. Or I just don’t want to do it. Yeah, it’s basically just the last one.

But here’s the deal: if we don’t do mobility we will get hurt. If we get hurt, we can’t workout. If we can’t workout, we will look silly in that speedo (but we will still wear it, right?)

So, let’s all agree to make it a priority starting RIGHT NOW! This week, pick 3 days and do these 4 movements -after the workout – for 90 seconds each, per side. If your hips don’t feel better by the end of the week, then you were right, and I was wrong. But if they do feel better, you have a new post-workout routine.

Click here for this week’s programming.

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