Week of 4/16

Time for a refresher, folks! This is the CrossFit Pyramid of Fitness:

If you start at the top, this all makes pretty good sense, right? Sports are top – competing in a specific sport requires an incredible base of fitness. Weightlifting and throwing – if you’ve ever been frustrated by a squat snatch or missed a wall ball, you know that requires a ton of strength, coordination, power, etc – aka fitness. The next tier is gymnastics. Body control. The strength, coordination, and flexibility to move your body how you want. Metabolic conditioning is next. You have to be able to move without being out of breath to be fit, right? That’s pretty basic.

And then… Nutrition. Part of fitness? Duh. Now, is it possible to do all of those other things without thinking about nutrition? Of course it is. The same way it’s possible to build a 7,000 sq ft house on sand. It may be magnificent, but it likely won’t stand for very long.

So, if you’re looking to get the results you expect, take a look at your nutrition. What does that mean? It means that you have to write it down. Get yourself a little notebook and write it down. Everything. Every single thing you put in your body. “Can I just take pictures?” Absolutely not. Why? Because you will NEVER look at those pictures again. If you have a notebook that you have to physically open, you will see it all the time.

Ready to get in bikini/speedo mode? Let’s get that nutrition dialed in.

Click here for this week’s workouts.

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