Week of 4/9

Another LONG back squat cycle has come to an end, which means… TIME TO MAX OUT!!!!

Here are a few tips to MAXIMIZE your max:

  • SAFETY FIRST –  Have a plan in case you cannot stand the squat up. Get some spotters and agree on a cue for them to help. That will make you feel more secure to go for a heavy squat.
  • GET LOTS OF SLEEP – Nothing worse than trying to max out tired. Get some quality zzz’s tonight.
  • EAT WELL TODAY –  Hangover due to poor eating and/or drinking will not help you squat all the weight. Get some high quality protein, carbs, and fat, and drink lots of water.
  • VISUALIZE – Sounds cheesy, but it will help. See yourself making the lift. See it 100 times. By the time you get to the bar, you will feel more confident.
  • GET WARM – You know how sometimes you don’t feel warmed up until halfway through the workout? Don’t let that happen. Get that body temperature up. Even if you need a cable knit sweater to do so.

Good luck, gang!!!

Click here for this week’s workouts.

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