Week of 1/15

Well, the 314 Open Team Competition is behind us! There were some INCREDIBLE moments throughout the day. We deadlifted a car!!! How cool was that?!?! Yes the run was cold, but you all rocked it! We had a couple of misfires and moments of confusion, but the greater majority of folks had a great time.

We put this competition on to hang out with athletes of all ages and skill levels and to have a great time. Every year, we try to do something different and fun, and the car deadlift did not disappoint. We love having teams judge each other to keep everyone engaged and to promote the community of CrossFit. Isn’t that why we all do CrossFit? Getting a great workout with friends and having a great time? Next year, we will emphasize the fact that this competition is just meant to be fun for all. If you’re super concerned with standing on the podium, you may want to find another competition. Let’s just have fun!

A huge thank you to Josh, Emily, Erin, Rob, Annie’s kids (who’s names I totally know and didn’t forget at all), Dan, Paul, Holly, Amy, Frank, Fred, Amie, and everyone who helped make the day so fun and successful. Thanks to JD’s gym for letting us use your awesome car deadlift rig! If you’re looking for a Strongman gym in the area, you should definitely check them out. Thanks to CFKW, the Clanx, and Amy for letting us borrow equipment. And thanks to all of the awesome competitors for giving it your all. Like every year, we are truly humbled by your abilities and efforts. Thanks!!!!

Click here for this week’s workouts.

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