The CrossFit Games Open Wrap Up

What an amazing Open season!! The dumbbells certainly made things exciting challenging f*&%ing terrible interesting. For some of us, this was our 7th Open. That’s crazy to think about! For others, this was their first year. No matter what, I hope you found the Open both challenging and motivating. Everyone came away with something they need to work on. Whether it’s bar muscle ups, HSPU, snatches, or double unders, there are plenty of movements to shore up for next year.

I hope you all enjoyed our Battle of the Captains competition this year! It definitely put a different spin on things. So, how did things shake out?

First, let’s go through some of the numbers.

Frank recruited an impressive 29 athletes. As a team, they completed 23,480 reps over the 5 week period!

Team Amy battled a bunch of travel from its team members and still managed to win week 2. Awfully tough to hang with folks out of town – great job!

Team Josh looked like the dominant team from the start. And they never disappointed. With some of the top athletes in the gym, Team Josh racked up the most Rx reps of any team.

And then, there is Team Niki. Led by a captain one shoulder shy of healthy, Team Niki looked to have an uphill climb. BUT… THEY ARE THE WINNERS!!!!! A dominating win in 17.5 sealed the victory for the team! Team Frank finished second, Team Josh third, and Team Amy fourth. Huge props to everyone for giving it everything they’ve got. It was a great 5 weeks, and we can’t wait until next year! 47 training weeks until the 2018 Open!!! Now taking applications for captains. If interested, click here.

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