CrossFit Open – Captain Competition Update

17.1 is in the books, and it was a doozy! Nearly 80 of us participated to complete 1,420 minutes and 40 seconds of work and 15,748 reps. If you’re like me, you also completed about 4 hours of foam rolling and 2.5 hours of whining after the workout. So, how did the In-House competition shake out?

Team Frank: 1st Place – 5388 Reps

Team Josh: 2nd Place – 5259 Reps

Team Niki: 3rd Place – 4676 Reps

Team Amy: 4th Place – 4567 Reps

So, Frank gets 1 point, Josh gets 2, Niki gets 3, and Amy gets 4. Lowest score wins!

On an individual basis, Will had the top time with 13:27!!! Amazing. He narrowly edged me out (by about 7  minutes). Cori had the fastest female Rx time with 16:32, with Brittany only 3 seconds behind on the retest! Major props to everyone who tackled this workout. Rx or scaled, it was a tough one.

Awesome work! Bring on 17.2!!!

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