2017 CrossFit Games Open – 314 Battle of the Captains

On Thursday night at 7:00 pm CST, CrossFit will release the first workout of the 2017 CrossFit Games Open. Will it be a repeat of 2012’s 7 minutes of burpees? Last year’s 20 minute AMRAP of OH walking lunges, burpees, and C2B pullups? Or something totally new and different? I guess we’ll just have to wait to find out.

As you know, we’ve assigned 4 captains to recruit teams for this year’s Open. Here’s how the teams shake out so far:

Team Frank Team Amy Team Josh Team Niki
Jeanne Kadane Laura O’Leary Paige Huber Christie Caira
Dave Coe Alicia Allen Danielle Kretzer Rob Carr
Liz Seitz Kaitlyn Kennedy Josh Kretzer Adam Erickson
Amy Dukes Amy Werkowitch Cori Clarissa Clark Courtney Erickson
Angie Durbin Sara Coe Will Grumke Nikki Cox
Kim Piatchek Shawn Gawrys Renee Putnam Andy Weiss
Azra Denic Laura Vineyard Jon Goudy Lauren Bernstien
Amy Howard Aaron Faust Jessica Ecker Gayla Dixon
Brian Schilli Andrew Vineyard Brittany Storandt Dan Maners
Amanda Libera Holly Schoen Ryan Lane Niki Baker
Bobby Lombard Brady Castillo Meghan Goudy Kristin Favre
Casey Wilson Drew McManus Preston Stigall Sheila Vickers
Trish Ruhland Tori Behlke Steve Allbright Erika Pfeiffer
Carrie Bettlach Angela Hoots Troy Stuewe Lindsey Cochran
Dzenana Delic Pat Hazzard Jared Walsh Greg Schmidt
Tasha Murphy Sarah Balza
Emily Cuba
Clif Nichols
Sara Moll
Amie Bossi
Tiffany Tucker
Dave Ruhland
Vedina Kujukovic
Andrea Galindo
Patrick McLaughlin
Zechary Teasdale
Josh McCabe
Frank Merz

Wow!!! Great job, Frank!!! To keep it sporting, we will randomly remove some scores from Team Frank at the end of each week to make it more even, but that team will still have an advantage in numbers. Who will win?!?!

We will run heats on Fridays at 10, noon, and 4-7pm. You can perform the workout at any other time, but you have to provide your own judge! Scores will only count if you perform the workout with a judge and submit an official score sheet. The Open is here!

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