Rob’s Reflections

Fitness Lonnie: the Original Danny Broflex.

So we have all seen the videos on YouTube of the over eager, know it all, self absorbed, some how hugely jacked Danny Broflex. He is always running around CrossFit HQ getting into shenanigans and starting a ruckus trying to peddle his product, “Pump Juice”.

He also bares some resemblance to a dude that has been to the CrossFit Games a time or two, Dan Bailey. We have seen his videos and we have had a good chuckle.

Real cool Danny B, taking poor Fitness Lonnie’s thunder like that.

I, however, would like to hit the pause button on this fella for a min. Can we take a moment to pay homage to the OG goofball of CrossFit please? The one, the only Fitness Lonnie. If it wasn’t for Fitness Lonnie I would never know how to dress in a gym, skip reps when no one was looking, hell, without his motivation I doubt I would have ever won a CF workout at all. “Let’s get it”

Fitness Lonnie, ya da real MVP

(Good thing no one in our gym runs around like a clown like that. )

Have a good day everyone,

P.S. Dan, if you read this which I am sure you will, I’m just kidding. I only drink Fit Aid because I think it will make me look like you.

Assuming you watch YouTube videos at work follow Danny Broflex here

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