Rob’s Reflections

Well hello there from your favorite coach, well, at least 1 of your favorite top 8 coaches.  We are going to start a new weekly section where I share some of my deepest and most profound thoughts with you all.
This time of year the talk of the town becomes the Reebok CrossFit Open, as the season goes on your coaches will share their knowledge, tips and strategies for the Open with you but for now I will just cover some broad strokes that I think may help some of out newer folks understand why we take part in the Open.
First let me share my CrossFit Open credentials. Yes… yes, it’s true, I was in fact the 23,829th Fittest Person in the World in 2016.   (To put that into perspective I was 23,829 out of 324,307 participants from 175 countries all over the world.  I had to throw that in there, well, because 23,829 just sounds like a big ass number)
This year will also mark my 6th CrossFit Open.  What does that mean for you as a member of 314? Well between Jones and I we share over a decade of Open experience and while it’s true that neither one of us will be in the running for fittest in the world (or even the gym for that matter) we do have quite a bit of experience with this. If you have ever been to our classes you know we are both bursting at the seems to share our knowledge with you.
While its common to her me say “chest up, knees out, elbows high, squat deeper, go faster, blah blah blah” what I will offer here is a little off script from the usual.
During our everyday classes we highly encourage athletes to scale to get the most out of their workout.   (This is a great article from Neil on scaling but read it later, this is my turn to talk)
After all, 99% of us are doing this for exercise and fitness not actual sport.  However during the open we will push you guys to do more.  “Rob!? More? I can’t do more” to which I say “Yep, yep you can.”  None of the coaches at 314 will ever put you in a position to do something that your not capable of. So you say you need an example of what I mean by more, well I’ll be a son of a gun. Here is one right here.
While it’s true Frank comes in everyday and bust his ass it is not a super secret held under lock and key in the deepest basement of the Stone Masons or Illuminati that he struggles with certain mobility issues.  Last year Frank had some issues in reaching full depth in an overhead squat.  While we could have just let him scale it to what was comfortable he was expected to reach the full range of motion for this particular workout.  Guess what, he did.  Numerous times. 
Why? Because we knew he could, and maybe the fact Jesse was no repping the hell out of him had something to do with it also.
I will make you this promise.  Someone will get their first Muscle Up, someone will get their first pull up or handstand push up, someone will put up a score they didn’t think they could or squat to depth or any number of firsts.
Most importantly you all will have fun and have at least one “ah ha” moment.  If that promise is not delivered  I will make Jones do 10,000 pull ups by 12/31/17.
This is a fun time of the year for us CrossFitters, I highly encourage you all to embrace these challenges and see what you’re capable of.
Yours truly,
Rob Carr, the 23,829th Fittest Person in the World 2016.
Customer service announcement : “To the owner of a blue weight belt, would you please respond to the front counter, you belt is waiting for you above the windows”

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