The Open

The CrossFit Open is the first stage of the CrossFit Games. Top competitors move on to Regionals and finally the Championships. What makes the Open unique is that ANYONE can participate. Whether you are a 9x Games finalist like Becca Voigt, or a brand new CrossFitter, you can compete in the Open. Each week, CrossFit HQ will release a workout, and you will have until the following week to complete it. It’s that simple!

The question is, “Why should I do the Open?” It’s true, most of us don’t stand a chance to advance to Regionals. So, why compete? Much of CrossFit is about being able to measure our fitness and track our progress. The Open is a great opportunity to do just that. By entering your scores, you can compare yourself to thousands of athletes around the world. You can see where you rank among people of the same sex, age group, or even state. Then, you can come back next year and see if you can improve. If you look up Neil Jones, you can see that I finished 360th in the North Central Region in 2011. Pretty cool to have that information at your fingertips.

This year, we’re going to do a little in-house competition. Unlike past years, it won’t just be the top athletes whose scores count. Every single rep will count for your team, and every rep will be equal (scaled reps count the same as Rx reps). Last year, I complete 1 rep for 16.4. While that may have hurt my team in the past, it’s just one more rep this year. Which means that YOU SHOULD TOTALLY DO IT!!!

We have chosen 4 awesome folks to act as captains for their team. They will be recruiting athletes, but feel free to contact them if you know who you want. Before I introduce captains, I should say that they have been expressly forbidden from recruiting prior to this post (you might gather that some broke this rule). Without further ado, here are your captains!


Team Niki

From the Captain – Don’t be on Frank or Amy’s team. They are cheaters. If you want to win without cheating pick me or Josh, but mostly me because I am more fun.

Pretty persuasive!! Team Niki will definitely bring the fun!


Team Josh

From the Captain (warning – this is not safe for work, or kids, or most adults) – Pick team Kretzer or f*ck you.

Well, that team will certainly be competitive!


Team Frank

From the Captain – I have spoken personally to about 50 of you about joining my team (totally against the rules) but now it is time to actually sign up. As much as I respect the other captains, as athletes you will miserable with them as your captain. Join my team and have fun while becoming a champion.

Wow. Shots fired! Sounds like Frank came to play!


Team Amy

From the Captain – It’s clear I’m not too savvy when it comes to FB Messenger (sorry Neil), but who really needs to be when you are this AWESOME at putting a team of winners together!! And let’s face it, winning is fun.

It goes on to say something about 2 first place finishes and 1 second place finish at 314 comps, but I quit reading. Sounds like Amy is willing to cheat or worse to win.

Click here to pick your captain, and click here to officially sign up. It’s only $20! (Side note: In the past, you’d be required to officially sign up. While encourage you to do so, it will not be required to participate.) Which team will win?!?!

Click here for this week’s workouts.

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