Thankskilling 2016

It’s that wonderful time of year when I remind you of one of my favorite movies. Thankskilling. IMDB give this an embarrassing 4.3 out of 10, but I guarantee it is far more entertaining than that. I’ll give you the IMDB synopsis: “A homicidal turkey axes off college kids during Thanksgiving break.” Yep. Not safe for work, kids, and pretty insulting to adults, too, but it is the basis for our annual Thanksgiving workout. We will be open from 8-11 tomorrow, so come get a workout in before hitting 1, 2, 3, or even 4 big meals.

Thankskilling 2016
Partner Workout
2 Rounds
10 Bear Complex 135/85
400m Run
20 Burpee Blasters (Burpee/Pullup/T2B)
400m Run
30 2-for-1 Wall Balls 20/14
400m Run
40 GHD Situps
400m Run

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