Tuesday – 160830

If you happen to follow CrossFit Kirkwood’s blog, today’s may seem familiar…

Back in 1996, I was an incoming freshman at Saint Louis University High School. I grew up in Oakville and went to a private grade school. That’s not really important, except that it means I had access to baseball, basketball, soccer, and volleyball. As an incoming freshman, I really wanted to try football. So, I signed up for a football camp in the summer leading up to my first day of high school. I barely made it past that first day. Definitely didn’t go back. Which led me to the exciting sport of…. cross country running! That’s right. Some of you may not know this, but my background is actually in running (pause for gasps and laughter). Cross country in high school and long distance after. I’ve done a dozen half marathons and even did a full on day 22 of Whole 30 (that didn’t go great for me).

The point is that I actually enjoy running. I used to listen to pounding music to keep me motivated, but these days I listen to books or podcasts and just enjoy the run. Some days, it’s tough to get started. But after the first mile, I feel great!

So, I want September to be the month that you either find a new or rekindle an old love appreciation for running. As a gym, we are going to tackle a running challenge. I want everyone who is physically-able to participate. As a gym, we are going to run 1500 miles in the month of September.

To clarify, each person will contribute to the total. Even if you only run a couple miles a week, you’re helping! Stay tuned and I will put out a group form where we will keep track of the total. A couple of quick rules:

  1. CrossFit workouts don’t count.
  2. You can either run or walk. Just get out there!
  3. Don’t overdo it! Ease into it. Don’t go from 0 miles to 20 miles your first week.
  4. Active members only will be able to contribute.

Stay tuned for more details and get those running shoes out!

Spealler Warmup
Barbell Warmup

8 Minute Clock
Find max Snatch
– 200m Buy In Per Attempt
8 Minute Clock
Find Max C&J
– 200m Buy In Per Attempt

Power Snatch 75/45
20 Double unders after each set
– From 150821

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