Monday – 160829

What an incredible weekend! Sounds like our crew did awesome at G3! Here’s what I’ve gathered from our crew:

  • Josh filled in for another team and did great! Definitely helped them out and represented 314 like a champ.
  • Lindsey compete with some of her buddies and was top 12 or maybe even top 10 (having some trouble verifying). Not surprising if you’ve seen her attack workouts.
  • Cori got pulled onto a team last minute and they ended up in 11th! Sounds like they were lucky to have her.
  • Our 314 team consisted of Dani, Meghan, Drew, and Preston. After an Airdyne malfunction, they ended day 1 in 31st place out of 67 teams. They came back strong on day 2 and finished in 21st place! That’s an incredible finish, and even more impressive considering they took 59th in a workout due to equipment malfunction. Great job, gang!

You all did an amazing job and represented 314 very well.

What else happened this weekend? Oh… just this.


What are we looking at here? Well, looks like Sara Coe competed in Bloomington on Saturday. And, turns out she won her weight class. AND, best overall female lifter. AND, qualified for the American Open! What an amazing day for her! She snatched 74kg (163lbs) and clean and jerked 96kg (2011lbs) for a 170kg total. Congrats, Sara! We knew you could do it!
Spealler Warmup
CrossFit Warmup

Back Squat
5×3 @ 90% of 3RM

400m Run
3 Rounds
12 T2B
15 R KBS 70/53
18 Box Jump Overs 24/20
400m Run

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