Friday – 160812

Sometimes, I program a workout with a specific athlete in mind. Or I just try to guess how an athlete will do. “Hm… burpees and double unders. Who will win between Laura O and Nikki?” Or “Max deadlift. I wonder if we have enough plates for Brian Schilli.”

Tomorrow’s workout, I made with Tucker in mind. He’s always flipping tires, throwing stones, and carrying who knows what. So, happy belated birthday, Matt!

Spealler Warmup
CrossFit Warmup

Bench Press
5×10 @ 62.5% of 1RM
*Alt w/5×10 Bent Over Rows

Odd Object Mile
– Perform in any order
400m Sled Push 135/90
200m Tire Sled Drag 45/35
200m Box Carry
200m Dbl KB OH Carry 53/35
600m Metal Pull Sled Hill Run 90/60

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