Thursday – 160714

TBT – Amy Dehart (now Dukes) 2012

The 2016 Summer Olympics are nearly upon us, and I am SUPER excited! Thousands of amazing athletes compete to be the best in the world in sport ranging from archery to wrestling. A quick search led me to a list of events that have been removed from the Olympics. I wish I had been there to see some of those including the 200m obstacle race in swimming, the tug of war, and motorboating (not what you’re thinking).

I also can’t help but think back to 2012 when Amy (then) Dehart started at CrossFit 314. She quickly had some of the sharpest olympic lifts, and I always told her that she’d be competing in the 2016 olympics. Between work and getting married (I blame you, Dukes), she didn’t quite find the time to train for this olympics, but she still has some of the best technique in the gym. Keep up the good work, Amy, and we’ll see you at the 2020 olympics in Tokyo!

Spealler Warmup
CrossFit Warmup

HSPU/Handstand Walk

Run 400
20 Power Snatch 75/45
Row 400
20 Power Snatch
Run 400
20 Power Snatch
Row 400

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