Thursday – 160630

TBT – Jeanne Kadane 2013

Jeanne has been a 314er for over 3 years, and she is constantly impressing me. After rehabbing a shoulder injury, she has set one PR after another. No matter how hard the workout gets, she tackles it head on.

A couple years ago, we were doing a workout, and Gregg Favre was right up in Jeanne’s face, pushing her right to her limit. Not knowing Jeanne very well, I thought,  “Oh man, I hope she’s ok.” A few minutes after the workout ended, she walked up to me and said, “Could you yell at me like Gregg did? That really helps to motivate me!” Good instincts, Gregg (always one-upping me).

The moral of the story is that any time you’re in the middle of a grueling workout, find Jeanne and tell her that she can go faster. She’ll thank you for it. And we thank Jeanne for being such a positive influence at 314.

Spealler Warmup
CrossFit Warmup

Ring Work
– Uneven Pullups
– Tucked Front Lever Pullups
– Skin the Cat
– Dips
– Bulgarian Dips
– Leg Raise to Inverted Hang
– Muscle Ups
– L-Sit to Shoulder Stand
– Pushups
– Flys

10 Deadlifts 225/155
400m Run
8 Deadlifts 275/185
400m Run
6 Deadlifts 305/205
400m Run
4 Deadlifts 335/225
400m Run
2 Deadlifts 365/255

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