Tuesday – 160628

Gayla Dixon

The first time I met Gayla, she told me that she works at Dress Barn. Since then, I have learned two things.

  1. Gayla is a huge Cleveland Cavaliers/LeBron James fan.
  2. Gayla is a LIAR!!! (She doesn’t really work at Dress Barn. Who would lie about that?)

I’ve also learned that Gayla is willing to work her butt off to improve. She’s made huge strides in her gymnastics movements, overall strength, and cardiovascular capacity. More than that, she always has a smile on her face and a joke on deck. The 6 AM is lucky to have her. Keep up the good work, Gayla!

Spealler Warmup
Barbell Warmup

6 Minute EMOM
3 TnG Power Snatch
– Modify weight as needed
2 Minute Rest
6 Minute EMOM
3 TnG Power Clean
– Modify weight as needed

Partner WOD
6 Rounds
10 Burpee Blaster*
10 Hang Clean & Jerk 135/85
100m Tire Sled Drag 90/60
*Burpee, Pullup, T2B
– Share reps as needed

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