Thursday – 160609

TBT – Angie Durbin deadlifting 305lbs on December 31, 2012. (One of my favorite pics because of the look on everyone’s faces)

It is abundantly clear that we have some strong athletes at CrossFit 314. I started to put together a list of female athletes who can deadlift over 300lbs and male athletes who can deadlift over 400lbs, but I honestly couldn’t think of everyone, and I’d hate to leave someone out. Suffice to say that we have DOZENS of people in that club.

Even more impressive is the improvement that we see. If you go from a rounded-back 75lb deadlift to a beautiful 150 lb deadlift, that is every bit as impressive as Laura breaking State records. Be proud of any and all progress you’ve made!

This is the culmination of a 15 week deadlift program. If you’ve been diligent about the work, you are sure to see some amazing numbers. Get a good night sleep, and come get that PR!
Spealler Warmup
CrossFit Warmup

Find 1RM

Box Jump 30/24
Front Rack Lunge (Not Walking) 95/65
400m Run after each round

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