Heart of America Team Competition

The Heart of America Team Competition is one of the most exciting competitions around. For the last 7 years, teams from all over the midwest compete in a 3 day competition to see who is the fittest. In 2011, I coached a team to 3rd place in the scaled division. An incredible feat and a weekend I’ll never forget.

In 2014, CrossFit 314 took our first team. Nikki basically had to drag me through the entire weekend, but we still managed a very respectable 17th out of 71 teams.


Last year, our team did even better and finished 12th out of 84 teams!!


Historically, HOA has been a 6-person team competition, but this year, they are moving to a 4-person team format! Should be an incredibly exciting weekend and a ton of fun.

So, the question is, “Who’s comin’ with me?” Before you answer, here are the facts:

  • HOA is a 3-day competition in Springfield, MO. You will have to be off work October 7, 8, and 9th.
  • The cost with entry, hotel, gas, etc is about $300/person.
  • The standards are HIGH. The scaled division usually requires C2B pullups, GHD situps, T2B, and some pretty heavy lifting. Not a good choice for beginners.
  • This really is a ton of fun. If you have any interest, you should consider it.

Those are the facts, folks. HOA always sells out in a matter of seconds, so we have to have our team(s) in order as soon as possible. If you are interested email me at Neil@CrossFit314.com.


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