Friday – 160325

Open Workout 16.5

Tune-in to to watch the live announcement of Open Workout 16.5 at 7pm.

I don’t know about you folks, but I am positively stumped as to what the workout will be. Sure, we have yet to see thrusters and box jumps. But GOOD LORD!! That would be a TERRIBLE workout!!

We also haven’t seen a retest yet this year. But we will not see one without repeating a movement from a previous workout. So, here’s my prediction: “Amanda.”

It was the first time ring muscle ups were introduced in the CrossFit Games back in 2010, and after last year’s uproar over putting them as the first movement in Open Workout 15.3, I just can’t believe that we won’t see them.

And let’s be honest, Dave Castro said, “At this point, it’s obvious what’s coming.” He was referring to thrusters, and maybe even box jumps. But “obvious” to TDC means “having nothing to do with the real world” for the rest of us.

Can’t wait to find out and wrap up this year’s Open!

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