Thursday – 160324

Azra Denic

I know what you’re thinking: “This isn’t necessarily a HEAVY workout…we have to run a WHOLE mile first, for goodness sakes! I thought we were going to do King Kong or something!!”

Well, you’re right.

But this is my favorite CrossFit test of all time, and I think it’s extraordinary. CrossFit the brand prides itself on not specializing, and while any old Strongman might make quick work of the heavy deadlifts below, only the strongest athletes with the highest capacity engines will perform well on this.

Looking forward to seeing some strong scores, Folks!!

N.B. – Azra brought her GAINZ-MAKIN’ face for Deadlift Day!!




5 x 3 @ 80%

CFE Test

With an 8min Clock:

Run 1-Mile
AMRAP: Deadlift 315/225

*Compare to 141226, 131224, or 130902


GHD Situps
5 x 10

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