Wednesday – 160323

The Morning Crew

I’m not saying the work outlined below is light specifically because Thursday’s workload is HEAVY (and one of my favorite workouts of all time), but I’m also not saying that it’s not.

Also, on an unrelated – or maybe semi-related – note, HERE’S A NEAT ARTICLE from CrossFit Main Site on the value of Volume and the value of Intensity in your workouts.

I think James Hobart does a good job pointing out the value of the 1-hour CrossFit class for 90% of folks. My favorite takeaway:

Before you play with volume, find someone you hate losing to.
A rival becomes a powerful training tool who will push you to
levels of intensity you’d avoid on your own.



*I’d probably skip the CFWU and go for a 1600m run myself.


EOMOM – 10

60sec Plank + 5 Weighted Pullups

Workout of the Day

“Everybody Gets a Trophy”


Russian Kettlebell Swing 70/53

Partner Cashout

5 Rounds

Partner A: Two-Length Sled Drag 70/53
Partner B: Plank Hold

Then switch.

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