Tuesday – 160322

Me and Rob, c. December 2013.

I didn’t get the chance to update the blog with a photo and a fun little write-up today because I was tied up beating Rob in another Open workout.

That being the case, here’s one of my favorite photos of Rob and I. Enjoy!

N.B. – Try as I might, I CANNOT beat Will Grumke in the CrossFit Open. The man is a MACHINE!!




If missed Monday, make up back squats


8 Minute EMOM or 10 Minute EOMOM

2 x High Hang Snatch

– Focus on bar path
– Squat if possible
– Bar stays in hip

*Compare to 160216

Workout of the Day

Main Site – 160208

3 Rounds, 5min each:

2min AMRAP: 400m Run + Double Under
1min AMRAP: Dumbell Push Jerk 35/20
1min AMRAP: Pullup
1min AMRAP: Dumbell Hang Squat Clean

Rest 5min between rounds

(But we just did Double Unders YESTERDAY! Stop whining.)

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