Monday – 160314

Neil Jones

It’s pretty rare that Kaitlyn is able to snap a photo of Jones while he’s lifting. As a photographer himself, he has a sixth sense as to when she’s about to pull the trigger. This photo makes me feel like Kaitlyn has gotten some sort of big game trophy while on safari.

Now, I don’t speak/read Kilo very well, Folks, so I have no idea what sort of weight is on the bar here. But given that Jones finished this lift allowing Kaitlyn to get her shot, I have to assume it’s a substantial enough weight that he didn’t want to ditch it.

I’ll give 50 Super Special Bonus Points to anyone who can correctly identify the amount Jones is lifting. And I’ll throw in an extra 100 SSBP’s to correctly assess why Jones is today’s featured athlete.

Strong Work, Jones. (And Kaitlyn!)




Back Squat
5 x 4 @ 80% +10-20lbs


Run 400
21 Box Jump
42 Wall Ball
Run 400
15 Box Jump
30 Wall Ball
Run 400
9 Box Jump
18 Wall Ball

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