Thursday – 160310

Frank Selvaggio

Frank joined 314 back in 2012 on his drive home from a doctor that told him that he needed blood pressure medication. Frank asked the doc to give him three months to get it under control without the meds. The doc agreed.

And Frank delivered as promised.

Frank is celebrating 35 years as a police officer tomorrow. Be sure to give him a big congratulations the next time you see him.

Couldn’t imagine the 7pm class without you these last three and a half years, Frank.

Keep up the Strong Work.




Clean and Jerk

(It’s a deload week for Deadlift. Do not fret.)

10 Minute EMOM
Hang Clean + Clean + Jerk

Compare to 160104

Workout of the Day

“Be Water”

12min EMOM

1. Body Weight Deadlift 20/15 reps
2. Calorie Row 20/15
3. Bruce Lee Bicycles 15/20* reps

*Not a typo

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