Dr. Tyler Bryant

The Open is upon us! This Friday night, we will kick things off with Workout 16.1. There will be tons of strategies thrown about, but the number one question we get is, “How do I prepare my shoulders/hips/ankles for this?” Or, “Man, that one wrecked my low back! How do I get back in fighting shape for the next one?”

The answer – Dr. Tyler Bryant of Inbox Functional Rehab. Tyler is a licensed chiropractor and fellow CrossFitter who uses, “a combination of specific manual therapy, chiropractic manipulations and joint mobilizations, patients get rapid and phenomenal results.”

Dr. Tyler will be seeing patients in our mezzanine area based on appointments only. He will be in the house between the 5 pm and 6 pm classes on Monday, February 29th to talk about how he can help you. Come early, or stick around to get the low down!

As a bonus, he is offering a 25% off your initial visit to all 314’ers that are signed up and competing in The Open.

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