314 In-House Competition – Jones’ Wrap Up

photo courtesy of Matt Tucker

Six weeks ago, I walked up to Rob and said, “I want you to organize an in-house team competition. Something different than a regular CrossFit competition. Something that will push even the toughest athletes.” We got to work. We wrote workouts, organized heats, made score cards, etc. I made forms, spreadsheets, signs, and leaderboards. Rob made workout diagrams, hype videos, and barbell layouts. At the end of the day, it was an incredible event. Some of our closest friends exercising in a competitive and supportive atmosphere. There were amazing feats of strength and even more amazing feats of heart. As a coach and friend, I could not be more proud of the effort you all gave. Thanks for reminding us why we do this.

I’ve had a chance to talk to a bunch of people, and the stories from the day are too good not to share. So, in no particular order:

The New Dragonflies
This team brought it all day long. You have to start with Steve Allbright’s 50 OHS and 10 cleans in the most brutal workout of the day. But every time I brought it up, he’d say, “But did you see the girls on the clean ladder?!?” or “Fernando killed those pull overs!” or “How about Tasha making that KB  thruster?!?” He’s absolutely right. Great job, Dragonflies!

Will Freakin’ Grumke
This guy. As if 5 workouts wouldn’t be enough. Will competed on TWO teams yesterday! And it’s not like he was lallygagging around. He gave each of the 10 workouts he did everything he had. From the 20 unbroken pull-ups he did vs. Andy Vineyard to the 10 burpee bar overs. That was an impressive display. I suppose we’ll keep that guy around.

Shawn Gawrys
There was a brief moment when Shawn looked tired. No, really. It happened. That’s rarer than seeing a unicorn pulling Santa’s sleigh. But we saw it!

The Barbell Club
I have to admit that I thought we’d smash this competition. But ALL THAT MOVING!! Even so, I’m super proud of the way we performed. We may not be the fastest, but we move better than most. Next time, we may charge admission to watch the lifting clinic we put on!

Matt Tucker’s Double Unders
The first day that Matt walked into 314, he could do a situp. Yesterday he was smoking through double unders. It was inspiring, to say the least.

Rob’s Fall
Unfortunately, I didn’t see this one. But here’s the story I’m getting from people. Rob decides that 25 OHS at 135 is right in his wheelhouse. Unfortunately it must have been a couple-few too many. On rep 25, Rob stumble backwards, dropped the bar, and fell on the chalk bucket, sending it flying. The scrape marks up and down his flank looked pretty rough. If anyone has video of this moment, I will pay a pretty penny.

Nikki and Niki
There is no quit in Nikki. Her heart would explode before she gave up. That was clear when she cleaned 155 TEN TIMES!! That was an incredible show. Then there’s Niki Baker. An awesome athlete in her own right, but this was her first Rx competition, and she held her own without a problem.

These are just a few of the great moments from the day. It was so much fun to throw down with all of you. We’ll definitely have to do that again.

Thanks to Tyler Bryant for providing athlete services. Steve said that Tyler did an awesome job putting him back together after the 50 OHS. Thanks also to Supplement Superstores, Feed Your Vitality, and 1st Phorm for helping us out throughout the day.

Thanks to Cafe Telegraph for providing some DELICIOUS post-competition eats! And, once again, thanks to all of you for making this event so much fun. You guys are the best!

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