Tuesday – 160209

Shawn Gawrys

I have never seen Shawn perform a pushup – whether performing them during the Warmup, Strength Work, or Workout – that was even remotely questionable.

Let’s all just agree to do our pushups unquestionably well. Like Shawn.

Keep up the Strong Work, Shawn.



Gymnastic Strength

Deficit Pushup/HSPU
5 x 10

Weighted Pullup
5 x 5*

*Try to use the same weight across all sets, compare to 160129

Workout of the Day


Triple Under
Front Squat 95/65

*You may sub single or double unders at a rate of 3 to 1. Also, for those athletes that can regularly rip out 100+ double unders, I think it would behoove you to work some triple unders, but scaling the reps might be appropriate. Say, one third as many triple unders as front squats. Just some food for thought.

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