Friday – 160122

Josh Kretzer

I have a ton of respect for Josh Kretzer. He absolutely gives it hell, but, at the same time, he DGAF doesn’t give two hoots about Wall Balls. So he often subs them out for bicep curls, tricep extensions or maybe just pushups. He also spends a good chunk of every CrossFit Warmup shooting hoops.

He does those things because those things are fun. And at the end of the day, I’d say the majority of us are in that very same boat. We’re here to have fun, give it hell, and get 1% better every day. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Keep up the Strong Work, Josh.


Spealler Warmup
CrossFit Warmup



Partner WOD

2 Rounds:

30 Stone to Shoulder
40 Deadlift 185/135
50 Wall Ball 20/14


Bicep Curls and Tricep Extensions until you get a good pump. It is the weekend, after all, Folks.

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