Tuesday – 151208

Just a handful of the beautiful and back-jacked women of CrossFit 314 – Ladies Night

Clearly, this is a sweet picture. But what is sweeter to me is something most people won’t realize unless they know our gym REALLY WELL. These are just 14 of the 41 women at our gym with their strict pullup or chinup.

Ladies, I am SO damn proud of you.


Spealler Warmup
CrossFit Warmup


Juggernaut, 3’s Wave – Insification

Bench Press

1 @ 70%
1 @ 77.5%
5×3 @ 82.5%

Final Set is for Max Reps
Stay 1-2 reps shy of failure


“The Runyon Special”

8min AMRAP

7 Kettlebell Snatch 70/53
10 Pullups


2min Plank

Rest 1min

1min Plank

Rest 1min

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