Friday – 151030

Dani Kretzer

Let’s all take a second to reflect on the fact that when Dani started at the gym two and a half years ago, I basically told her not to come back because she needed to take remedial CrossFit lessons first. True story.

These days, Dani Deadlifts over 300lbs, strings together Muscle Ups, knocks out consecutive Double Unders like a champ, makes 10 good form strict pullups… I don’t really know where to stop.

But we can all agree that the very best part about Dani is that she’s always smiling. And always encouraging. And our gym would just not be the same community without her.

Dani, I’m so glad that you didn’t quit after I told you that you flunked your first class. You are absolutely tops in my book.

Keep up the Strong Work.




Juggernaut – Deload

For Time

Run 1 Mile
Row 2k

Or, not for time:

3 sets of Pullup Challenge

*For the Pullup Challenge, complete consecutive, increasing repetitions of strict pullups, chest to bar pullups and kipping pullups. For example, if a female begins with 3 strict pullups, she must immediately follow with 4 chest to bar pullups followed by 5 kipping pullups without her hands ever coming off the bar. I have completed the challenge at 5/6/7 without giving a max effort.

Workout of the Day

“1 at a time”

14min AMRAP
1 Box Jump 24/20
2 Kettlebell Swing 70/53
3 Box Jump
4 Kettlebell Swing
5 Box Jump
And so on …..

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