Wednesday – 151014

The 5pm’ers pulling hard around the final stretch of a 400m sled pull.

Would love to know what Jeanne was thinking at the moment.


Spealler Warmup
CrossFit Warmup


“Slick Rocket Ship”

EOMOM – 30

1. Calorie Row 30/24
2. Sled Pull, 2 Lengths (100/70)
3. 30 x Wall Ball

*When the clock strikes “0:00,” commence rowing. At “2:00,” pull the sled. At “4:00,” balls to the walls. Etc…

N.B. – A perfect score will be 15/15 rounds completed within the 2min time frame. Very few should attempt all rounds and/or all reps.


For time:

100 x Situps

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