Tuesday – 151013

Steve Allbright - Double Under

Steve Allbright – Male Model at CrossFit 314

Apparently new photographer Kaitlyn Kennedy is a big Steve Allbright fan. But aren’t we all, really?

Steve, on a more genuine note, you’re THE most encouraging member at the gym. Numero uno. There’s never been a workout where I haven’t seen you cheer the final finisher toward their last rep or their final 10 seconds of an AMRAP.

And that’s the heart of CrossFit, Folks.

Thanks for being such a critical piece of our gym, Steve.

Keep up the Strong Work.


Spealler Warmup
CrossFit Warmup


Juggernaut W6D2

Bench Press
3 @ 60%
3 @ 67.5%
3×8 @ 72.5%
*Last set is for max reps, 1-2 shy of failure.


“The Deadly 9”

5 Rounds

10 Burpee
400m Run
10 Box Jump (30/24)
50 Double Under

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